WAG #14 Results

The theme for the Writing Adventure Group #14: Do Overs”. Think of a time where you’d like to change what happened – whether it’s to get that witty retort in or to say something you never got the chance to say. Write how it should have been and compare it to the reality.

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Nancy Parra

Nixy Valentine

Dan Powell

Frances Wookey

Paige Bruce

J.M. Strother – Mad Utopia

Peter Spalton

Christine Kirchoff

Brenda M


Mickey Hoffman

“WAG #15: Best Tool For The Job” Thanks to Paige for the topic idea! Paige’s idea was to have the topic this week be about writing tools such as a keyboard or favourite pen, but I’d like to expand this to be any type of tool, whether it’s a gardening tool or a jackhammer or a toenail clipper. Describe a favourite tool in concrete terms, but also show how you (or whomever it belongs to) feel about using it, and how it leaves an individual or particular mark on the end product.

Post the results on your blog, and read this post about the group for information on how to notify me so your post will be properly included in next week’s list. (Note, please include WAG #15 in the subject heading and tell me how you want your name to appear! If you do not, I will use the name as it appears on your email.) Deadline: next Tuesday, June 9th.