I spent most of my writing time last week drafting my next TMA for my OU Creative Writing course. The story was inspired by my stay in Dorset over the Easter break. In fact, my first idea for the piece came while in the laundrette washing the kids’ clothes. Strange how a simple event like a dryer working for over half an hour more than it should on a single token can spark a story and two characters into life. 

I made extensive notes on the laundrette in order to properly describe the one my character Alan frequents during his stay in Dorset. What I hadn’t realised was how the story would spiral from being set largely in the laundrette to having scenes set on the stretch of coast at Highcliffe and Barton, where I stayed. I had no notes to help me with this. Good thing Google found me lots of photographic stimulus and some excellent satellite images via multimap, all of which helped kick-start my memory. I finished the draft last Sunday and have shelved it for a week or two.

Cooling off periods are a necessity before redrafting can begin.