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Being Dad


Being Dad

For those of you wondering what Being Dad is, here’s the blurb from the Tangent Books Being Dad order page:

Fatherhood is in a state of flux. Gone are the simplistic gender roles of yesteryear, the clear divisions between mothers and fathers. More dads than ever before are staying home to be full-time parents to their children; those that work often find themselves part of a working partnership, their kids spending as much time with childminders and nannies as they do with their parents. As society changes its expectations, the question must be asked: what does it mean to be a father?

In Being Dad, 15 contemporary writers – all fathers themselves – explore the highs and lows of fatherhood through 15 new short stories. From protective instincts gone awry to the ghosts of our fathers haunting every parenting decision, these stories shine a light on what it means to be a father in the twenty-first century.

Featuring new stories by: Toby Litt, Nikesh Shukla, Dan Rhodes, Courttia Newland, Nicholas Royle, Dan Powell, Rodge Glass, R.J. Price, Tim Sykes, Lander Hawes, Andrew McDonnell, Iain Robinson, Richard W. Strachan, Richard V. Hirst and Samuel Wright.

On a personal note, it’s great to be amongst such a stellar short fiction line-up. And I love the fact that the cover is made up of images of the authors as children alongside their own fathers. My father died nearly fifteen years ago now and seeing him on the cover of this book feels very special.

Being Dad Me & Dad sepia

Being Dad’s official publication day of March 3rd 2016 and that means the book exists as the initial print run has arrived from the printers. Check out the book’s official Facebook page for photos of this brilliant anthology starting its journey out to readers. Also, beer mats!

I’m really proud to have a story in this brilliant collection and was delighted to take delivery of my contributor copies today. I spent a tiptop lunch break reading some of my fellow authors’ stories.

Those who supported the projects Kickstarter will start receiving their copies along with their other pledge goodies fairly soon. Everyone else can pre-order a copy on the Tangent website or Amazon.

I’m off to read a few more stories of Being Dad.

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