As I type this, there are only 5 days to go before the Being Dad Kickstarter ends. Pledges currently stand at £2778 which means that there is still just over £700 needed before the deadline of Monday 12th October. It all feels tantalisingly close at this stage so if you have been thinking of pledging and haven’t yet, please click through to the Being Dad Kickstarter and pledge what you can to help Being Dad become a real live book.


Being Dad banner

Over the last few weeks there’s been lots of stuff going on online in support of the collection and it’s Kickstarter:

Recalling a series of events in non-chronological order, it takes you on a journey alongside its main protagonist, a Father dealing with the various stresses parenting throws at you. The vignettes themselves are not dramatic, nothing earth shattering happens, but they are written with such poise and insight that each one has its place. They guide us through the first few years of his life as a father, taking in serious illnesses, little scrapes and every day traumas, allowing us a glimpse into the lives of his children.The skill here is the way we sympathise with the Father….The non-linear timeline is often handled clumsily in writing, but here is handled deftly and with great skill. This story is excellent throughout, both uplifting and real, neither sugar-coating nor traumatising. A great way to begin!

Hopefully that’s given you a taste of what to expect from Being Dad and why you might wish to help make the book a reality. I’m off now to answer some questions for a Thresholds interview that will go live over there on Friday. while I’m gone, get pledging.