Been busy in recent weeks with competition entries and a fairly major assignment for the MA and took a well earned break from the keyboard to watch this:

Sightseers is a pitch black comedy that manages to be both horrific and hilarious. Stars Alice Lowe and Steve Oram also wrote the script and there isn’t an ounce of fat on it. I’d be keen to get a copy of the screenplay as I am sure it would be a pretty great example of how to show and not tell.

Mark Kermode’s description of the film as Nuts in May with axes is right on the money, and he’s right again when he says that the strength of the writing makes Sightseers much more than one joke stretched over just under 90 mins. As well as being laugh out loud funny, at its dark and disturbing core the film asks some very real questions about just how far anyone might go if pushed too far to the periphery.

It’s been a while since I saw a comedy that really had me laughing. Perhaps the fact that this one has quite a body-count says something about my sense of humour. Whatever, this is easily the best film I have seen in a good while. If you’ve ever thought folks who holiday in caravans are a bit weird, this will be right up your street. It’ll probably scare you into being a little more patient when stuck behind one this summer.