Fallen in deep love with Jim James’ solo record. Why? First off, this song and video:

This song works for me on so many levels. First off the obvious love song level. But tbh right now, at this stage in my writing life, I’m sort of seeing it as all about the power of writing. starting a new piece is all about embarking on a new life on the page. And, should publication follow, then that’s a whole other ‘new life’ right there, a new life in print. a new life in the world of literature.

I think that stuff makes more sense in my head perhaps than how the last paragraph just explained it (or failed to). Fact is, that bit in the video where the  dancing ladies in the purple fedoras appear, that bursting, glowing, pumping bit of the song, that’s kind of what it feels like in my head when I write something that I know is working. My brain fizzes to a beat like that. It only happens rarely, but it’s the kind of feeling that keeps me writing, even through those days when the writing clunks and thunks and refuses to sparkle.

If ‘A New Life’ floats your boat, I’d recommend grabbing the album Regions of Light and Sound of God. It’s partly inspired by Lynd Ward’s novel in woodcuts, Gods’ Man, the awesomeness of which requires a whole other post.


Anyone out there heard a new song that just refuses to let them go?