Watched this last night:


It’s a cracking sci-fi movie that explores what might happen when China becomes the dominant economic power and those in the West end up doing the jobs no one in the East wants to do. It’s clever use of mockumentary style, a narrative device that not only frames the action but allows for the limited nature of some of the performances to be a non-issue, helps create a compelling sense of realism to the near future proceedings. Indeed, in places, the film borders on the disturbing, most notably the section in which the babymakers ready their ‘units’ for delivery. It is a rare thing for a sci-fi movie to be this clever.

Even more remarkable is the fact that the whole thing was made for less than $5000 dollars. In an age when Hollywood sci-fi is constantly trying to go one better than the overblown CGI sequences of previous movies it is refreshing to find a film trying to be as thoughtful and thought provoking as the best of print SF. Indeed, throughout the film director and writer Jim Munro (himself a published novelist) provides a valuable lesson for any writer about how to maximise each scene, showing a little to imply a lot.

If the trailer doesn’t have you clicking through to the Ghosts with Shit Jobs website or iTunes to rent or buy a copy and you need further convincing, you can watch the first ten minutes of the film here. I can honestly say that it will be more satisfying and sit longer in your thoughts than pretty much any of the sci-fi movies of the last few years.