Paraxis is an online publisher of short stories and the editors, Claire Massey, Andy Hedgecock and Carys Bray are partial to the unnerving, uncanny and fantastic. The stories that appear on Paraxis are often dark, sometimes funny, but always worth reading. Their last call for submissions asked for stories featuring mirrors, windows, or walls and I am pleased to say that my submission, Looking Out of Broken Windows, was accepted and is available to read now in the latest edition.

Each story published by Paraxis is presented with accompanying artwork. I am fortunate enough to have this gorgeous piece by artist Kirsty Greenwood attached to my story:

With the curtains closed, I didn’t notice the windows until the next morning.

Paraxis issue 4 has a whole host of great stories, including a corking new short from Alison Moore, the Booker shortlisted author of The Lighthouse, and an interview with American painter and photographer Nicole Reneé Pantano. So get yourself over there already and get reading. Its what I’m doing right now.