One of the most challenging short fiction competitions this year has to have been Fleeting’s Six Word Story prize. As you may remember, my own entry emerged from the 5,000 strong flood if entries and onto the shortlist back in early October. In the following weeks, busy with preparing my Scott Prize entry and work and half-term with the kids, I quite forgot about being in with a shot.

Fleeting have announced the winner, which I am pleased to say is Ami Hendrickson‘s excellent entry. Ami’s story was my favourite of all the other entries and I honestly thought it not only a worthy winner right from first reading it, but was certain it would come out on top. Somehow she managed to not only cram in a surprising plot but also intimate so much about the two characters of her taxidermist story. It really is a masterclass in brevity. She blogs about her entry here.

If you haven’t read the shortlist yet, head over to Fleeting’s Six Word Story prize page and enjoy Ami’s winning story and the others. While you there, take some time to have a read of the excellent Fleeting fiction. It is Short Story Week after all.