Today sees the publication of 100RPM. It’s a charity collection of 100 stories of 100 words in length all inspired by songs. It’s being sold for the bargain price of 99p for the next week, just over a third of which will go to the charity One in Four. When the price goes up in a week’s time, even more more money will go to the charity. It’s all the doing of the brilliant and talented author Caroline Smailes and she explains the whole endeavour far better than I do over on her blog today.

Did I mention the book contains a foreward by THE Nik Kershaw? The real one, not as my wife thought when I told her, some bloke who just happens to have the same name.

And isn’t the cover awesome:

The book is available from Amazon right now, and can be read on PC, Mac, iPod touch, iPhone, handset via the handy Kindle apps for those devices, and of course on the Kindle itself.

Buy 100 RPM from Amazon.

There’s also a 100RPM Facebook page which you can support by liking.

And you can listen to the 100 songs that inspired the 100 stories by checking out the 100 RPM Youtube playlist.

Oh and it contains 100 stories from a whole host of short short fiction authors who selected a song and then wrote a story inspired by that song. Two of the stories in there are mine.

My story ‘in media res’ was inspired by the song of the same name by Los Campesinos:

My other story, ‘This Tornado Love’ was inspired by This Tornado Loves You by Neko Case:

Both are top tunes and I hope my stories do them justice. But I hope even more that those of you reading this will head over to Amazon and support this book. It really is rather special.

That link again: Buy 100RPM!