My latest short short story is up at 1000 Words. It’s called The Song of the Graffitihead and was written in response to this photo on the 1000 Words pinterest board.

It starts like this:

As Leni walked home after another day in a cubicle of a low-ceilinged office building, a graffiti head spoke to her. What surprised her most was not the voice emerging from the stencil sprayed image on the closed steel shutters of a never-open shop, but the fact that the face, an image she had seen many times on her way to and from work, seemed familiar to her in some other way she could not recall.

‘Is there something on my face?’ the head said…….

Particularly pleased that this has found a home as it is one of the pieces I wrote in first draft while at The Hurst back in April.

If you do click through to read it, check out the other great flash fiction on the site, all of it written from photo prompts as part of the recent National Flash Fiction Day celebrations. Enjoy.