Well that was National Flash Fiction Day. Not being in the UK put a limit on what I was able to take part in, but here’s what I got up to in the run up to May 16th and on the big day itself.

I wrote a Shakespearean flash called Strutting and Fretting for the #NFFD flash blog

My story Peekaboo was included in the National Flash Fiction Day collection Jawbreakers  – print copies available here, and the ebook available here.

I was part of a FlashFlood with my story Rubik’s Cubed – lots of great flash fiction on there. I’m looking forward to going back and checking out the stories I missed yesterday.

On the day itself, I took myself off and created a Flashpoint. I took a walk around my local area and ended up writing a piece of flash fiction at the bus stop. It’s called The Queue and is up on the Flashpoints website along with all the other location based flash produced for #NFFD

My contribution to the 1000 Words project will publish later this month but it’s worth heading over there to sample the great writing already posted on what is turning into a fantastic collection of photo inspired flash.

Finally, check out the National Flash Fiction blog for all the info on what went on yesterday. There were all sorts of workshops and writing events taking place across the UK and beyond. Congratulations to #NFFD director Calum Kerr for inspiring such a fantastic event.