It’s National Flash Fiction Day and Jawbreakers, the official collection,  is available now. It includes commissioned pieces from well-known writers including Ali Smith, Ian Rankin, Tania Hershman, David Gaffney and Vanessa Gebbie, as well as a little story by yours truly.

The anthology is edited by NFFD Director Calum Kerr and Bristol Prize 2010 winner Valerie O’Riordan.

Jawbreakers can be purchased directly from the National Flash Fiction website or in ebook format from Amazon. The ebook is free to download on May 16th as part of the celebrations along with a whole host of Flash Fiction related ebooks.

The full running order looks like this:

Ali Smith
Jen Campbell
Dan Powell
Vanessa Gebbie
Laura Wilkinson
David Gaffney
Brindley Hallam Dennis
Rupan Malakin
Tania Hershman
Nathan Good
Rin Simpson
Sarah Hilary
Sara Crowley
Jenn Ashworth
Bob Jacobs
Ian Rankin
Benjamin Judge
Mark Sheerin
Nigel McLoughlin
Natalie Bowers
Alex Thornber
Valerie O’Riordan
Carrie Etter
L.A. Craig
Calum Kerr
Kylie Grant
Sal Page
Jonathan Pinnock
Susan F. Giles
Martha Williams
Sarah-Clare Conlon
Eli Goldstone
David R. Morgan
Alison Wells
SJI Holliday
Nicholas Murray
Eunice Yeates
Nick Garrard
Jay Barnett
Kirsty Logan
Kevlin Henney
David Gilbert
Simon Thirsk
Sue Walker-Stokes
Erinna Mettler
Emma J.Lannie
Jessica Patient
Brian George
Trevor Byrne
Sally Zigmond
Angela Readman
Dan Carpenter
Clare O’Brien
Alun Williams
Jenny Adamthwaite
Tim Stevenson
Jason Bagshaw

To celebrate National Flash Fiction Day and the publication of Jawbreakers, you can read editor Valerie O’Riordan’s Life in Short Fiction by checking out the featured post below.