Second review in and I’m already breaking my 50 words exactly rule with a 58 word review. I do have a good reason for this. David Gaffney’s collection, Sawn Off Tales contains 58 perfectly formed little bullets of fiction, each story little more than a page in length. This review is composed of one word from each of them to give you a sense of what these stories are about or how they feel.

Whole. Tiny. Full. Music. English. Life. Mirror. Bits. Laughter. Collision. Doors. Killer. Spyhole. Play. Listen. Whisper. Sign. Shite. Blooms. Robotics. TopShop. Silence. Special. Kidnapped. TIme-tunnel. Floating. Dressed. Rentaghost. Skills. Tears. Community. Smokers. Ketchup. Structures. Happy. Crying. Narrative. Enunciation. Hair. Trains. Fool. Interpret. Fine. Inconsolable. Handmade. Tolerance. Shoes. Stars. Battenburg. Transients. Rain. Dinner. Hovering. Sludge. Oblivion. Sick. Loved. Bouncy.