Because, as my friend Rol says, you can never have to many places to hide on the internet, I’ve started posting links and such to a tumblr blog. The plan is that will be a linkblog where I just reblog, link to, or babble about whatever great short fiction related stuff I find as I stumble my way across the internet.

Posts will be short and very, very sweet. I’ll chuck the odd video up there too. It’s really just a way of me recording the stuff I have enjoyed on the web, while also sharing it with all of you. If you like it and check in to see what I am recommending, great stuff. If not, then theshortandlongofit will be my private den of short short fiction and long short fiction contemplation. That said, I hope you’ll find a link or two to your liking.

Right now, there are links to Housefire, a lovely little interview with Lydia Davis, and an embedded Youtube video of Kenneth Branagh reading the best short story by the best ever short story writer: Misery by Anton Chekhov. Click your way over there and enjoy.