As I wrote in my last post, for this year’s NaNoWriMo I am writing two separate projects. With one hand I am writing first drafts of short story ideas that have been patiently waiting in my to do list since before June. With the other I am having a crack at writing the opening of a piece of horror fiction that aims to be both a serious piece of writing and horrific in the proper sense of the word.

The first step of my preparation for writing anything longer than a short story is putting together a playlist of tunes to use as soundtrack for the movie in my head. Anyone who read my post on Character Themes or my post on Write Anything about Writing Music will know that music plays a big part in my writing process. So here’s the playlist and some Youtube goodness to give you a flavour of the tone I am going for with this one.

Too Many Flesh Suppers – Los Campesinos

Bad Vibrations – The Black Angels

Heroin – The Indelicates

Nine Inch Nails – Right Where It Belongs

Arcade Fire – Crown Of Love

O. Children – Ruins

The Like – Wishing He Was Dead

Pulled Apart By Horses – Get Off My Ghost Train

Walk – Pantera

Dead End Friends – Them Crooked Vultures

Omen – The Prodigy


The plan is too try and take back the undead (not just vampires) from the Twilight generation. Either my first draft of the opening 25,000 words will tell me I have something worth working on further. Or it won’t. I’ll let you know how that works out.