50 Stories for Pakistan is available to buy. Proceeds go to help those affected by the Pakistan floods. For your money you not only receive a professionally published book containing 50 amazing stories (and an extra handful of stories donated by the editors) but you are also helping a very worthwhile cause. Buy the book on blurb now.

50 Stories for Pakistan

Look at the cover image.

A man and a boy knee-deep in water. Father and son? Uncle and nephew? Teacher and pupil? Or perhaps just a kid, lost, tagging on to an adult in the hope that he will be taken somewhere safe, dry?

They are wading away from the light into the darkness and gloom. The unknown. Fear. Hunger. Disease. But they are also wading towards you. They can’t ask for your help. You must choose to give it.

A simple way of doing that is to buy this book. Proceeds go to helping the victims of the Pakistan floods.

Now please take one more look at the cover. And remember, they can’t ask…

50 Stories for Pakistan features work by the following authors:

Robert J. McCarter, Joanne Fox, Erik Svehaug, Susan Lanigan, Anne Mullane, Lisa Ricard Claro, R.J. Newlyn, Nuala Ní Chonchúir, Martin Webster, Jonathan Pinnock, Trevor Belshaw, Julia Bohanna, Iain Pattison, Laura Eno, Dave Clark, Pam Howes, Alun Williams, Annie Evett, Jennifer Stakes, Rebecca Emin, Marjorie Tolchard, Marit Meredith, Paul Malone, Ewan Lawrie, Jarred McGinnis, Alex Tomlin, Gail Richards, Benjamin Solah, Ruchira Mandal, Alyson Hilbourne, Ramon Collins, Darren Lee, Riaz Ali, Nasim Marie Jafry, Heather Parker, Shazia Bibi, Andrew Parrott, Brigid O’Connor, Rob Innis, Tony Williams, Annemarie Neary, Emma Newman, Robert Long, Beryl Brown, Vanessa Couchman, Joanna Campbell, Sylvia Petter, Rosemary Hayes, Paul Anderson, and Alice Turner.

The introduction was written by award-winning author, Vanessa Gebbie.

This book was edited by a dedicated team of volunteers:

Amy Burns, Nick Daws, Claudine Lazar, Jayne Howarth, Dan Powell, Jodi Cleghorn, Danny Gillan, Laurie Brassard, David Robinson, Maureen Vincent-Northam, Gillian Best, and P. J. Kaiser.

50 Stories for Pakistan is available to buy today over on Blurb.