I’ve been dipping into Circalit via various links across the blogosphere for a few weeks now. Their current ‘Broken Identities’ competition has finally spurred me on to open an account and post a story there.

‘The Bus Shelter’ is a story I wrote for my recently completed Diploma in Creative Writing and one that I have wanted to place somewhere but couldn’t find quite the right market to sub it to. The theme of the Circalit competition, ‘Broken Identities’ seemed a perfect fit for my story of Willard’s struggle to get home.

You can read my entry by clicking here, and even leave a comment or vote for it if you wish to (registration to the site is required to comment and vote). Please don’t feel you have to do either, by all means head over there to read the story and leave a comment here if you have time.

And any of my writer chums with stories that fit the theme, the competition has 2 weeks left to run so plenty of time to enter.


The full details of the Circalit competition:

Circalit are offering you an opportunity to get published in Little Episodes’ upcoming anthology Brainstorms, the second volume in their ‘An Expression of Depression’ series. Entries are to be no longer than 2,500 words and on the theme of Broken Identities.

The competition deadline is 15th September. The celebrated author and critic Kasia Boddy, will be deciding the winner at the beginning of October. Please read the full terms and conditions here. You can enter the competition here.