This week (21st July – 29th July) of the challenge I dipped into the following:

The Love Theme Of Sybil & William by Chuck Palahniuk

Great short from early in the career of the man himself, features a few key Chuck tropes and ‘odd’ dialogue. Interesting look at a writer finding his feet before going on to greatness, not least because it is one of the few things I have read of his that you could describe as tender.

Also Known As– Tom Fillon (metazen)

A cool story on one my favourite sites. Unreliable narrator and some tongue in cheek stuff about writers and the WIP made me smile. Liked it.

Interzone issue #228

Favourite stories this issue have to be Iron Monkey by Melissa Yuan-Innes and The Untied States of America by Milo Milosevic, both stories with strong central ideas and even stronger characters. Though the stage is big sci-fi both writers have remembered that story is character. The other three stories in this issue, while entertaining enough are not ones I would feel the urge to reread.

Amplified Distance – Sian Harris (100 Stories for Haiti)

I am dipping into random stories in 100 Stories for Haiti, catching up on those I have yet to read. This story by Sian Harris definitely fits the submission requirement of being a story with heart. Great tale of twins separated by thousands of miles.

Other than that, the Friday of this week (23rd July) I spent reading the #fridayflash offerings being tweeted under the hashtag. Some great stuff there every week.

Started Aimee Bender’s ‘The Girl In The Flammable Skirt’ yesterday. Will post a full review of what is a superb collection (judging from the excellent first two stories) in my next SSC post.