So much for getting some writing time for #WAG and #fridayflash last week. Another blur of nappies and night feeds and taking care of two other bundles of energy aged 7 and 3 respectively means writing time has been short. I have managed to get some reading done for the Short Story Challenge though, and will be posting a review of Etgar Keret’s ‘The Nimrod Flipout’ once I have enjoyed the final handful of stories.

Mrs P bought me a great present today; a Book Journal from Moleskine.


This satisfies both my notebook addiction and my nerdy need to keep records of what I read and enjoy, something the Short Story Challenge has served to highlight. I am looking forward to filling the pages with notes and dates and general ramblings about what I am reading and favourite books I have already read.

Tomorrow should be the first morning I get to myself in the last six weeks or so. Guess what I will be doing. Writing. Drafting. Editing. And if things go well, submitting the list of almost complete stories I have. Plan is to clear the decks so I can finish the story I have half done. Only then, can I move on to my list of new ideas, which are steadily filling up my nifty, leather bound A4 notebook with detachable pages. See…..notebook addict.