This week I have been…..

…….writing my first draft for the Chinese Whisperings Yang book (due to be published later this year); but more on that whole process in a future post.

…….reading a lot of intresting stuff about Andy Devine’s Words. Looking at the site and the ‘story’ “As Day Same That the the Was Year” confused me at first. It seemed all a bit arty and irritating if I’m honest. Having thought about it a bit more and read through the elimae interview I am warming to the concept. This video is as intriguing as the work itself and swayed me more than anything else I have seen.

Andy Devine’s WORDS from Little Burn Films on Vimeo.

……getting excited about seeing how Steven Moffat’s vision of Doctor Who will ultimately shape up. Yes, I know Matthew Smith and Karen Gillen seem hand-picked to appeal to the Twilight fans out there (understandably, considering their number) and yes, before they were cast, I was hoping that we might see a return to an older Doctor. Still, I am prepared to give the young’uns the benefit of the doubt as Moffat has consistently proven himself capable of crafting high quality Who scripts. I’ll be watching to see what happens with him masterminding the show, hoping the new faces will have something more than just freshness going for them.

….. feeling sad about the news of Mark Linkous’ tragic suicide.I managed to miss this on the internet over the last month and was stunned to find him featured in Uncut’s May 2010 ‘And It’s Good Night From….’ column. Sparklehorse have long been one of my favourite bands and their first two albums soundtracked a wearying few years of my life, brightening dark corners with their emotive music and striking imagery. Too many truly beautiful songs to list from the 15 years of output, but I leave you with, probably my favourite, certainly the track that helped me deal with things beyond my control way back when. I picked this video for the cool animation, particularly the dancing man midway through.