More from David Gaffney’s ‘Aromabingo.’

March 17th – You And You Alone

I don’t hesitate to put this in the ranks of stories I wished I had written. It has everything. Love. Murder. Jealousy. More murder and possible, the end of the universe. Angela and Rowan are a lovely, disturbing, heart warming and frightening couple. What really makes me happy is how all this fits into just a smidge over two pages of David Gaffney’s seemingly effortless prose. If you need proof that short shorts can tell a full and remarkable story then look no further.

March 18th – Only The Stones Remain

This story, while full of neat ideas and making a decent stab at writing in the first person view of an automaton, kind of left me cold. Not sure whether it was the fact that the characters are robots or what, but I just didn’t connect with what was happening. Some clever descriptions that show how artificial life based on computer code might experience the world though. Those bits I liked.