March 14th – The Lie – Raymond Carver

Strange one this. A domestic argument that morphs part way through into a discussion of Tolstoy. Made me think I should read some Tolstoy as if I had I might have got more from the second part of the story. Even with my probably missing some of the references in the text, the story has the descriptive clarity Carver is famous for.

You can read ’The Lie’ in Fires: Essays, Poems, Stories, which incidentally has the excellent Carver essay ‘On Writing;’ recommended reading for all writers struggling with the demands of a young family.

Thoughts on the challenge:

Coming to the end of the first month of the challenge has got me thinking about what to read for month two and how to blog it. Not sure who if anyone is reading the majority of these little posts. My having both Carver’s ‘What we talk about when we talk about love’ and ‘Beginners’ – the original, un-Lish-ed versions of the stories has me thinking about tackling the dual versions which would mean no more daily posts like this, moving to a more fluid schedule perhaps. I’ll have to see. Should probably finish the ‘A-Z of Possible Worlds’ stories before I do that though.