As many stay at home parents will understand, the New Year doesn’t really kick off for me until the kids go back to school. That day is tomorrow. If the snow here doesn’t mean the school is closed, which on one hand would be a help as it would mean my good lady wife would have the day off too, while on the other it would delay me having any quality keyboard time by at least another 24 hours.

Over the last two weeks I have been squeezing in work on my upcoming TMA (due Friday) where I can and that has been that for writing. The assignment requires the redrafting of the short story I wrote for my previous assessment to be adapted into a film, radio or play script. I am in the final stages of drafting my tv film script and desperately awaiting 9 am tomorrow, when (with kids dropped off and chores done) I will have a few hours to myself to put the final polish and post it off to the OU electronic assessment system.

Another reason why tomorrow feels more like New Year for me is the fact my first publication of 2010 will grace the virtual pages of the New Flesh. NF is an online blog-powered zine that prints a new slice of SciFi, horror, fantasy, and bizarro fiction every weekday. Here’s hoping 2010 sees more of me in print, whether virtual or paper.

Normal service will resume in the days to follow, with a new #fridayflash this week and some other bits and bobs over the weekend, time allowing. Till then, a belated Happy New Year from me to you.