A few bits and links to stuff you might have time for on a Sunday.

This weeks #fridayflash saw a massive 62 flash fiction stories posted on blogs across the interweb. Check out @jmstro’s #fridayflash report for the full list of links.

Booksprung posted a refreshingly honest picture about the issue of e-book piracy earlier this week. As an e-book owner frustrated by either the pricing or poor backlists of most e-book publishers I fully agree with the points here. Publishers are in danger of driving readers to piracy because to avoid DRM, being fleeced by extortionate pricing, or simply because it is more convenient.

For a look at how to offer e-books properly, check out those on offer on the Two Ravens Press website. While they only have a handful or so of titles available at the moment, the lack of DRM and the sensible pricing have led me to purchase three books from them already, with a fourth on my to-buy-very-soon list.

Last but certainly not least, Roast Books are about to publish a quirky box set of fiction by A.C. Tillyer. An A-Z of Possible Worlds is a box set of 26 interlinking short stories, each autonomous in its own right. Each Story booklet (from A-Z) is a destination.

You can read O is for Orbital via a widget over on Scott Pack’s blog, Me and My Big Mouth, which is well worth a click to find; on the strength of the story I have pre-ordered the collection.