#fridayflash contiues to grow with a mammoth 47 contributors this month. What’s the betting we break 50 next week? In the meantime, use the links below to catch up and comment on this weeks excellent crop of free flash fiction.

28 Gears – Part 2, by Kylie Szymesko @lautir
A Passionate Robot Murder, by Christine Love @christinelove
A Summer Job, by Susan J Cross @SusanJCross
A Thought for a Sentence, by Jim Wisneski @Wisneski
Achievement, by Gloria Oliver @GloriaOliver
Birth of an Idol, by shannon esposito @soesposito
Change of Season, by Jennifer Duncan @quidite
Decennial General Meeting, by Alan Baxter @AlanBaxter
Do Unto Others, by Karen Schindler – Karen is not on Twitter. Follow her on her blog.
Earth Receives a Memento, by Kate Sherrod @KateSherrod
Eliza Plum: Credit Crunch Mum, by Hazel Gaynor @hotcrossmum
Good Night, by Sayer @Sayer
Half Mown Lawn, by Dan Powell @danpowfiction
Love Is the Seventh Wave, by judy b @jbonze
More than three’s a crowd, by Kevin J. Mackey @kevinjmackey
Move Over, by Laura Eno @lauraeno
Nearer Comes the Moon, by Tony Noland @TonyNoland
Neatly Pressed, Jennifer Jones by @jentropy
NonFiction, by anniegirl1138 @anniegirl1138
Pancakes, by Maegan Denton Bacon @MaegMaeg
Perhaps You Shouldn’t, by Jeff Posey @AnasaziStories
Pizza Night, by Pippa Hennessy @battypip
Poker Face, by Tomara Armstrong @2maraA
Press Goodbye, by Marisa Birns @marisabirns
Private Ceremony, by Tanya L. Schofield @tlschofield
Progress, by Anton Gully @antongully
Raindrops, by PJ Kaiser @Doublelattemama
Recording, by Greta Igl @gretaigl
Respiratory Arrest, by Michael Solender @mjsolender
Sad n Sorry, by Michelle D Evans @MichelleDEvans
Since You’re Gone, by netta50 @netta50
Snowgate, by Lily Mulholland @CascadeLily
Sometimes the Gods Just Laugh, by Susan Sonnen @susanmuses
Stuck, by CJ @h0jp0j
Switcheroo, by 3S_stories @3S_stories
Taping Lydia, Jodi Cleghorn by @JodiCleghorn
The Boat, by Benjamin Solah @benjaminsolah
The Carver’s Daughter, by Chris Chartrand @ChrisChartrand
The Field Trip, by ganymeder @ganymeder
The Hunt, by Anthony Deaver @AnthonyDeaver
The Manager, by Rosa Say @rosasay
The Race, by Matthew Bacon @FogJuice
The Shrine, by Leigh Barlow @LeighBarlow
Trying on Life, by KayAnna Kirby @kayannak
untitled, by dragonwrites @dragonwrites
What If, by Lauren Cude – Lauren is not on Twitter. Follow her on her blog.
When He Comes Calling, by Eric Krause @ericjkrause

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