This week’s bumper crop of #fridayflash fiction. Be sure to click through the links and comment on those that grab you.

A Certain Destiny, by Selina Jane Eckersall. You can follow @selinajane, and the rest of the crew on Twitter.
A Lovers’ Tryst, by Jodi Cleghorn @JodiCleghorn
A Muse?, by Kevin J Mackey @kevinjmackey
Expecting, by Tomara Armstrong @2maraA
Finale, by Laura Eno @lauraeno
For Love of Vater, by Greta Igl @gretaigl
Gear Heart, by Violet Hilton @violethilton
Hello Jones, by Chris Chartrand @ChrisChartrand
Hey, Jealousy, by Ryan Harron @rharron
Hubble Over Slurpees, by Dana Larose @ywgdana
Love Letter, by judy b. @jbonze
Marigolds, by Pippa Hennesey battypip
Mice Among Men, by Jeff Posey @AnasaziStories
One Side of the Story, by Dan Powell @danpowfiction
Outside, by Heather @unlikelyeden
Scaring Susan, by E D Johnson @geektreasure
The Medicine Woman, by Stephen Book @StephenBook
The Morning After, by Kate Sherrod @KateSherrod
There’s Something About Mary, by Ryan Bradford @arebradford
Two Stamps to Mars, by Jenny Lemberg @norbork
Walk-up, by J M Strother @jmstro