Another bumper #fridayflash package with fourteen more slivers of flash fiction. Follow the links below to read the stories or to follow those taking part on twitter.

Best Friend, by Alison – @unlikelyeden
Breaking Day, by Kevin J. Mackey – @kevinjmackey
Guilt , by Dan Powell – @danpowfiction
Grandfather Tale: The Owl Tree, by Jeff Posey – @AnasaziStories
Grandma, by Laura Eno – @lauraeno
Home Security, by J. M. Strother – @jmstro
It was a dark and stormy night, by Ryan Harron – @rharron
Last Aria, by Chris Chartrand – @ChrisChartrand
Surface Tension, by Jen Tropy – @jentropy
The Bartender and the Babe, by Kate Sherrod – @KateSherrod
The Bed Overhead, by anniegirl1138 – anniegirl1138
The Vampire Sheep, by Pippa Hennessy – @battypip
The Academy Bijou, by Dana Larose – @ywgdana
We Kept Walking, by Craig Daniels – @washthebowl
It Was a Dead Zombie Werewolf Baby, Of Course, by Victoria Anisman-Reiner – @dragonwrites

If you do click your way to any of the above works, please leave the author a comment.

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