Another great turnout for #fridayflash:

Delayed by Ryan Bradford – You can follow @arebradford and the other writers on Twitter.
Fear of Flute by Jeff Posey – @AnasaziStories
Forbidden Dreams by Laura Eno – @lauraeno
Hunting The Crimbleworm by anniegirl1138 – @anniegirl1138
Lost and Found, by Kevin J. Mackey – @kevinjmackey
New Recruit by Chris Chartrand – @ChrisChartrand
Played Like a Fiddle by E. D. Johnson – @edgedyrksec
The Humanity Engine by Jen Tropy – @jentropy
The Merits of Diving, by skrblr – @skrblr
Ashtrays by Dan Powell – @danpowfiction
Soul Catcher by J. M. Strother – @jmstro
Truffles by Pippa Hennessy @battypip
Yellow Line by Craig Daniels – @washthebowl

Amazing to think this has been running 9 weeks already. For those of you unfamiliar with #fridayflash, here’s the lowdown from J. M. Strother:

The #fridayflash is an Internet meme done every Friday to spotlight the writing talents of those who participate. If you write and want to know how to join in you can learn more here. In a nutshell, write and polish a piece of flash fiction, post it to your blog, and then tweet the URL via Twitter on Fridays.

Readers can then follow the #fridayflash tag on Twitter, or join the #fridayflash group on Facebook to keep up with your stories. If you are a reader, please take the time to leave comments on the stories. Feedback is the life blood of a writer. If you enjoy a particular story then please spread the word via Twitter, Facebook, or your blog. Tell your friends. Word of mouth is a wonderful thing.