Ten days into the Fourth Fiction literary reality show and those of us watching the drama unfold in the twitterverse have had time to get to know the contestants. In fact, it’s remarkable how much of a person’s character is revealed in four lots of 140 characters a day. If you have missed the opening salvos then a great place to catch up is over on Jodie Cleghorn’s blog, Writing in Black and White, where she has posted an excellent account of Fourth Fiction’s First Ten Days.

You can also check out the contestant biographies over at FourthFiction.

All caught up? Good.

Well last night, everything changed. As of midnight EST, the contestants were forbidden to reply to tweets from other users or post anything on twitter other than responses to dares posted by the host, Constantine Markides.


Dare 1 was posted a few hours ago:

http://twitpic.com/aei8o – DARE 1 – Come up with a caption for this cartoon (taken from this week’s New Yorker Caption Contest)

So now things start to get interesting as the contestants are made to jump through literary hoops for the next ten days. The cool thing with these dares is that we can play along too. The next ten days should see some interesting developments as the contestants are forced to either shut up or show us their literary chops.

Will Tuck be able to keep silent on everything other than the dares? Will the enigmatic Fyor ever show his virtual face? Will any of the contestants emerge as front runners to win through their performance in the dares? Keep watching the Fourth Fiction twitter feed for answers to all this and more.