I like to have interesting images on my screensaver and my desktops, they give me something to look at when I’m warming up to write. My account on my wife’s iMac has an awesome HD moonscape as a wallpaper, my Macbook has the earth seen from space, while the family PC uses family photos for both desktop and screensaver. 

Yesterday, I came across this video of a procedurally generated city via William Gibson’s twitter. It’s an awesome looking thing and is available as a screen saver for both Windows and OSX. I’ve installed it on my Macbook.

I’m not sure if you can get a similar screen saver that uses footage of an actual city, but if you can I might still prefer this city that doesn’t exist. Adjusting the settings to the wireframe or 2D view also creates some striking images. I’m a sucker for interesting things that serve little purpose beyond being a pretty nifty idea. The fact that the creator, Shamus Young, created it without having reason beyond the fact that it would be cool to do it really appeals to me.

What have you got decorating your virtual writing space?