This latest unit of my Open University course called for an investigation of possible markets for my fiction. While trawling the interweb for possible homes for my work I found Fringe – a free to view online literary journal that prides itself on featuring progressive voices in creative writing. In their own words:

Fringe is the noun that verbs your world. We are about writing that confronts and questions. We want to challenge perceptions, to drive readers to action. Fringe also provides a venue for artists who take their genres into the next paradigm–those who play with form, who work outside the box—those who are on the fringe.

Their online archive is well worth a click through and the current issue has a neat piece of short fiction, ‘Gator Girl’ by Amy Letter (that’s a great writer’s name).

My favourite piece on their site has to be the excellent ‘Notes from a Man trapped in a Giant Bottle’ by Mark Brinker. Funny, surreal and engrossing, this story is complete and yet hints at a much bigger story, a much wider world, in the way that only short fiction can. If you read one thing on the web today, read this.